hooray for the red fox - A3 linoprint

hooray for the red fox - A3 linoprint


hooray for the red fox - hand-pulled design by the pear in paper

A3 (29.7cm x 42cm) linoprint designed & printed in donegal, ireland

heavyweight organic acid free card (300gsm)

water based non-toxic ink

this linoprint is signed & dated

you will receive a ready to frame linoprint

the packaging is biodegradable and compostable (including the tape) as well as being recyclable

the red fox (vulpes vulpes) is an opportunistic champion in the animal kingdom and has a legendary reputation for intelligence and cunning.

they thrive wherever they go and are remarkably resourceful creatures. they can adapt to any environment and have recently become particularly successful at colonising urban and suburban areas, easily scavenging for food thanks to our wasteful nature! the red fox is mostly nocturnal, most active at dusk and dawn, although it will sometimes venture out in the day. the red fox, unlike other mammals, hears low-frequency sounds very well. it can hear small animals digging underground, they can even hear the squeaking of a mouse from 100 metres away!

the red fox is not under threat due to the ability to cope well around humans. they are not considered to be endangered and are the most widespread and abundant wild carnivore in the world – hooray for the red fox!

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