rowan / mountain ash - A3 linoprint

rowan / mountain ash - A3 linoprint


Rowan / Rudha-an as Gaeilge (also known as Mountain Ash)

(Sorbus aucuparia)

The Mountain Ash is a robust native Irish tree.  Commonly found in Ireland along roadsides, in glens, up mountainous areas and throughout woodlands.  

The 5-9 paired leaves are a beautiful green and the berries are a scarlet red at the beginning of Autumn. 

This tree is extremely important for wildlife.  The creamy coloured flowers that appeared in May-June attract moths such as the Common Emerald.  These flowers also provide pollen and nectar for bees and other pollinating insects, while the berries are a rich source of autumn food for birds, especially the blackbird and the Mistle Thrush. The Mistle Thrush love these berries and are territorial of the Mountain Ash - not because it’s a nesting site but because it’s a great supply of food. 

Mature trees can grow to 15m and can live for up to 200 years. 


the protective sleeve on this linoprint is biodegradable

hand pulled using non-toxic water based ink

acid free organic card

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