our story

welcome message from Lynn

in 2015, i decided it was the right time to pursue my dream.  my dream was to set up a workshop where i could create select pieces of stationery and honest, hand-pulled lino prints. three years later, i have a small but, steadily growing, sustainable business.  with a background in environmental management, it was always going to be a eco-friendly practice.  


in 2016, i restored a treadle based press (affectionately named florrie) and today we are inseparable, we are a great team, a force to be reckoned with.  she prints with such precision and grace.  every day, the smell of ink, the whizz of the fly wheel, the 'ding' as the rollers ink the plate are little reminders of why i love what i do and why we all should fight for our dreams.  florrie, the letterpress platen was built in 1872 and uses no motor or electricity.  each piece is created with slow, deliberate execution.

living in donegal on the rugged north west coast of ireland evokes my love for nature and reminds me of the fragility of the precious environment around us.  i am also reminded of the people i love, who are no longer here with me and my desperate wanting to hold onto something of that time.  in a sense, by being a letterpress woman, i am holding on to the past, looking after our future, our environment, encouraging people not to forget.  all these reasons make me strive to make the pear in paper a success. 

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the pear in paper
donegal craft village, lurganboy,
donegal town, county donegal, Ireland