the irish badger - A3 linoprint

the irish badger - A3 linoprint


the Irish badger - hand-pulled design by the pear in paper

A3 (29.7cm x 42cm) linoprint designed & printed in donegal, ireland

heavyweight organic acid free card (300gsm)

water based non-toxic ink

this linoprint is signed & dated

you will receive a ready to frame linoprint

the packaging is biodegradable and compostable (including the tape) as well as being recyclable

the badger (meles meles) is very secretive. rarely do we see the badger with its recognisable white head and two vertical black stripes that reach from ear to nostril. they are found all across europe and into japan. they are thought to have been introduced into ireland by early settlers in the neolithic period.

ireland and the uk have the healthiest populations although, this sadly doesn’t seem to ring true with reports of widespread culling due to inaccurate and unproven links to tb in cattle.

over the last 20 years, there has been a decrease in the badger population by well over 25,000.

they are nocturnal animals that hunt, eat and play at night. they are very social, living in setts of up to 12 badgers with underground connecting tunnels. badgers are fantastic at excavating their own setts, according to the badger and habitat survey of ireland (1995), these strong omnivores can be found in hedgerow, scrub and woodlands habitats. the badger has also been known to make use of disused structures, caves, and crevices in rocky outcrops. they are amazing, intelligent and beautiful mammals.

thankfully, the irish badger is protected under the wildlife acts (wildlife act, 1976; wildlife amendment act, 2000), and in northern ireland under the wildlife order of 1985. the badger is also protected under appendix iii of the berne convention.

even with this protection, the badger is under threat - we need to stop the unfair culling of our badgers before it is too late and we arrive at a point of no return.

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